3 P's of Leadership

Our Expertise

Organizations across the globe repeatedly turn to Peck Training Group for our highly regarded expertise with the 3 Ps of Leadership: People Leadership, Political Savvy, and Presentations. By focusing on these critical leadership fundamentals, we give our clients the best possible tools to impact the performance and long-term success of their high-potential employees.

1. People Leadership

Hiring, managing, and communicating more effectively to ensure top talent development.

Interviewing/selecting top talent, facilitating group meetings, building and leading teams, collaborating with colleagues, having difficult conversations, understanding personality type, inspiring co-workers, and coaching/mentoring others.

Peck Training Programs:  Straight Talk, Communicate to Engage, Interviewers’ Edge, Courageous Coaching, True 2 Type MBTI, Mindful Communication, Meeting Magic

3. Presentations

Designing and delivering persuasive and meaningful presentations, keynotes or training sessions for greater audience understanding, buy-in, and retention to achieve targeted business results.

Essential skills for those involved with sales and marketing, technical conferences,  business or board meetings, executive briefings, keynotes, training, and other persuasive interactions.

Peck Training Programs: VIP Very Impressive Presentation, Speaking for Leaders, Ener-training, Power of Questions, Visual Communication

2. Political Savvy

Better understanding organizational dynamics to avoid political pitfalls, increase visibility, increase influence, and earn a seat at the table to promote career growth.

Enhanced social intelligence, stronger influence and decision-making, increased ability to form alliances and partnerships (networking), refined executive presence, and improved capacity for leadership characteristics like awareness, empathy, authenticity, confidence, and boardroom-worthy verbal/nonverbal communications.

Peck Training Programs:  Organizational Savvy, Political Pitfalls for Women (Keynote), Proving Your Value with an Elevator Pitch (Keynote) executive coaching leadership styles

Value Proposition

“We help high potential leaders move from their left brain into their right minds to be more credible, influential and promotable, by applying the 3 Ps of Leadership: Presentations, People Leadership Skills and Political Savvy”