VIP - Very Impressive Presentation


A 1-day or 2-day presentation skills workshop for business presenters and employees of all levels.

Two trainers are required to privately coach participants to ensure rapid skill improvements.

Course Overview: Speaker confidence can make the difference between a “good” presentation and an “impressive” presentation. In this dynamic two-day workshop, participants learn appropriate physical skills (including posture, movement, gestures and facial expressions), eye communication, and vocal skills to be highly effective in front of groups. Participants then practice these skills six times. Nervous presenters become confident and competent. Videotaped presentations followed by private review sessions with a coach add unique value to this highly interactive workshop. Participants also learn, through use of a “Presentation Planner tool”, how to analyze their audience and presentation content. PowerPoint slide shows are used and encouraged as an aid only for creating colorful, readable, and memorable visual aids. The focus is shifted away from the automated slideshow, and back to the audience and presenter where it belongs. Extensive pre-work on content and visuals is required for the one-day format.

Learning Objectives

  • Decrease nervousness and increase energy
  • Maintain audience attention through purposeful movement and meaningful
  • Gain buy-in and build trust by maintaining eye contact with audience members
  • Appear confident and knowledgeable by using vocal variety and eliminating
    filler words
  • Develop an audience-centered presentation that answers their question “What’s in it for me?”
  • Create simple, effective, and memorable visuals that support presentation content
  • Handle audience questions with credibility, even when you don’t know the answer