A one-day program for any employee who presents or creates presentations for others to present.

Presentations become persuasive by applying the visual principles of Mental, Verbal and Visual elements within any content.

Course Overview: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And, 83% of our communication is visual. For business presenters, that means that our visual communication can make or break our presentation! This helpful course includes three main elements for effectiveness: mental-content design and outline, verbal-speaking with word pictures, and visualprojected and printed. Zen principles of visual design are used to promote simplicity, meaning and audience interest, which ensures the presenter’s content is persuasive. This program does not teach PowerPoint or platform presentation skills. Course pre-work includes submitting PowerPoint slides in advance for a design makeover shown in class.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan an audience-centered presentation outline by using left and right
    brain techniques
  • Develop a strong opening and closing for your presentation
  • Create interest, gain attention and ensure retention by speaking in word pictures
  • Distinguish between audience-centered and presenter-centered visuals and learn
    why most slideshows miss the mark
  • Learn how to make your point quickly by using effective projected and
    printed visuals
  • Design effective page layout for readability and understanding
  • Identify appropriate color schemes for visual aesthetics to convey meaning
  • Learn why pictures really are worth a thousand words
  • Apply the Presentation Zen theory to designing visuals
  • Identify resources for improving your visual presentation
  • Improve your future presentations after receiving a visual aid ‘make-over’ in class
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