A half-day or one-day session that uses the MBTI personality assessment for teambuilding with audiences ranging from 10 to 100 employees. Personality type is explored to create understanding of communication and working style differences, thus promoting better working relationships.

Course Overview: Personality differences can create innovation and synergy between people, or, if differences are not understood, can prompt misunderstanding and anger. In this dynamic and humorous workshop, participants learn through discovery-based group exercises about their own personality preferences and that of others. With this knowledge, they are able to value the differences better and learn how to communicate and work with others more effectively. They will also learn how to avoid type bias and type labeling. Course prework includes the MBTI self assessment.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the most widely used personality instrument in the world, based on Carl Jung’s work, the Swiss Psychiatrist
  • Identify self type out of 16 different 4-letter type combinations
  • Learn the four functions of Energy Source, Information Gathering, Decision
  • Making, and Orientation to Outside World
  • Identify and apply characteristics of each of the of the 4 functions
  • Distinguish between natural preferences and trained preferences
  • Identify how type influences behavior, especially when stress is high
  • Utilize type effectively in communication with others
  • Experience the humor in different type dynamics
  • Become aware of type bias and type labeling, and why it’s ineffective
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