A two-day training skills program focused on questioning techniques for trainers.

Two trainers are required to privately coach participants for rapid skills improvements.

Course Overview: Great training facilitation requires more than simply having good presentation skills and subject matter expertise. In this engaging two-day workshop, participants review Adult Learning Principles and learn how to use Questioning skills to help learners discover learning at a deeper level in the classroom so that knowledge and skills can be applied back at work more successfully. Not only is it key to make the real-time learning experience a good one, but also it’s equally important to use Questioning with customers to discover BEFORE the class what is most important for their employees to learn. The three skills taught are Discovery Based Learning Questions (while teaching), Debriefing Questions (to drill down after exercises and discussions), and Consultative Questions (to determine real needs before training begins). Videotaped training simulations followed by private review sessions with a coach add unique value to this highly interactive program.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply adult learning principles to training content to increase learning curve for all types of learners.
  • Engage participants in the learning process through discovery.
  • Discovery Based Questioning (Ask vs. Tell teaching), resulting in higher levels of retention.
  • Drill down to key learning points after exercises by using targeted debriefing Questions, including difficult or exception-type scenarios “on the job”, to ensure learners know all applications of the skills.
  • Determine key customer needs BEFORE a training program is scheduled and delivered by using consultative questioning, resulting in a targeted training experience for learners.
  • Fine tune trainer platform skills to look and sound confident and competent.
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