A one or two-day course designed for managers and individual contributors who are responsible for getting business results through people while building trust in those key relationships.

Two trainers are required for the extensive small group skills practices and coaching.

Course Overview: Straight Talk teaches direct, assertive communication that creates more productive, harmonious work relationships, increased accountability, and improved results for individuals, teams, and companies.

All managers, professionals and executives have both task-related and people problems that drain their time, energy, results, morale, job satisfaction, and health. For most of us, it’s more often the people problems that keep us up at night, create stress, erode morale, and lower results. Research reveals that interpersonal astuteness and skills comprise the key competency differentiating great from good or average performers.

It’s common sense, but not always common practice to improve interpersonal communication, or handle people problems with confidence and competence.

Learning Objectives

  • Ownership and accountability for constructive communication, even in challenging situations
  • Confidence and empowerment in one-on-one or group communication situations, with a mindset and behaviors that are assertive rather than passive or aggressive.
  • Reduced “bailing out” of tough conversations in relationship-driven company cultures, and less abrasiveness in more competitive organizational climates
  • Consistently appropriate honesty, rather than blindly brutal, naive, or unwise honesty
  • Stellar active listening skills that increase understanding, convey real empathy, and reduce costly listening errors and tension between work associates
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