A one-day speaking and presentation skills workshop for anyone in a leadership position who must influence others to think, feel or do something differently (or better).

Certified Speaker SealCourse Overview: In this dynamic program, leaders learn how to speak not only to inform others, but to inspire them! Presentation content and speaker style are explored in depth. Participants learn how to incorporate story telling, use humor and authenticity to build the likeability factor, how to create a dynamic opening and closing, how to develop a presentation theme, as well as how to create word pictures and visual images for audience understanding and content retention. Famous speakers are analyzed for effective techniques to adopt. Basic-intermediate presentation skills are a prerequisite to this workshop.

Learning Objectives

  • Appear confident, dynamic and persuasive by demonstrating advanced physical,
    vocal and eye contact skills
  • Maintain audience attention and appear in control
  • Ensure they remember your presentation by developing a strong, attention-getting
    opening and closing
  • Use six forms of evidence in the presentation to convince both left and
    right-brained learners
  • Develop and practice story-telling as a form of evidence
    Explore the use of self-deprecating humor to build the likeability factor
  • Handle audience questions with credibility and diffuse tough questioners
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