A one-day communication skills program for individual contributors early in their career. Hands on technology is used by participants during class.

Course Overview: In this dynamic 1-day communication skills program based on the neuroscience of empathy, cooperation and trust, participants learn that their interpersonal relationships are affected negatively by poor listening and speaking skills. This can be especially challenging for those employees early in their career where they’ve not had to yet learn the nuances of nonverbal and verbal communication at work, which can be detrimental to their own productivity and relationships in a fast paced business environment. The strategic skills needed are speaking with clarify, brevity, calmness, kindness and sincerity, as well as listening to another for understanding and to create mutual respect and trust. By learning how to effectively listen, make requests or agreements, and navigate sensitive discussions, employees strengthen their relationships and their productivity will rise.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the basics of neuroscience and how the brain works regarding language
  • Learn how to ‘stay present’ and be ‘mindful’ in a conversation
  • Reframe negative self-talk to drive more positive behavior Increase cooperation with others through specific word choices and compassionate listening
  • Develop new concise, clear phrases for requests and agreements
  • Learn the importance of Intention Statements and Permission Questions to ‘ready the listener’ for the conversation
  • Identify and link work values to personal values to drive communication goals at work
  • Ensure intention and verbal message match and the listener is ready to hear you through use of Intention Statements
  • Demonstrate non-verbal and vocal behaviors that are congruent with verbal message
  • Develop tuned-in listening skills to build trust and cooperation
  • Apply speaking and listening skills in a variety of work conversations
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