A one-day training program for any employee who wants to prevent meeting monotony and achieve business results from their meetings.

Course Overview: Business meetings are often monotonous and many employees believe they are a time-waster because results are often missing. In this engaging one-day workshop, participants learn that ANY employee can obtain great results in a meeting! This program focuses on all three meeting phases: Develop Plan, Deliver Meeting, Define Action. Specific focus will be on facilitating effective meetings, whether or not you are the meeting leader. Participants learn how to identify appropriate meeting roles based on personality types, which ensures involvement, focus, and shared responsibility for a results-based meeting. Also crucial in today’s virtual office environment, participants will learn and practice how to engage and manage remote participants. Course pre-work includes the MBTI self-assessment.

Learning Objectives

  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings and identify alternatives to be more productive
  • Utilize all three meeting phases effectively: Develop, Deliver, and Define
  • Develop and communicate ahead of time a results-driven meeting agenda to gain
    buy in and promote action
  • Increase follow through of action items after the meeting
  • Facilitate and focus group discussions to shorten meeting time and achieve goals
  • Involve and manage remote/virtual participants to maintain their attention
  • Define meeting roles based on personality type (MBTI) to increase involvement
    and ensure meeting productivity
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