A one-day program for managers and anyone responsible for interviewing job candidates for talent selection.

Program is based on behavioral interviewing techniques.

Course Overview: Talent selection can make or break a company’s success. Attracting, hiring and retaining the right employees is foundational to top notch performance and the company’s profits. In this engaging 1-day program, we focus on the hiring piece of the puzzle, which later affects retention. Managers learn how to accurately assess job candidates by first writing, and then asking, interview questions based on key job criteria. Focus is on gleaning specific work examples from each candidate that meet PAR: Past Action and Results, the best predictor of future success. Skills practices using company-specific job requisitions, their newly written interview questions, and a matrix we provide to track candidates information, all ensure your managers walk out of the classroom with the knowledge and tools to hire the best person for the job every time!

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze a job to determine key job criteria for successful performance.
  • Develop effective interview questions with an emphasis on behavioral-based questions.
  • Conduct the interview in a manner that gathers the maximum amount of critical candidate information.
  • Make selections based on job-related criteria, avoiding candidate comparison.
  • Demonstrate how to control challenging candidates during interviews to get the answers you need.
  • Identify barriers to effective selection.
  • Discuss the legal impact of interviewing and hiring.
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