A one-day coaching program for any employee who needs to coach others, especially peers, to higher levels of performance and improved behavior.

Course Overview: It’s difficult to improve ourselves without receiving appropriate coaching and feedback from others with whom we work. The challenge for most, however, is not receiving coaching, but GIVING it …especially to our peers. This workshop focuses on the mindset, the courage, and the communication skills necessary for helping others to improve their performance and behavior. Specific focus is given to peers-coaching-peers in the current business environment of dotted-line relationships and “responsibility without authority”. By effectively coaching others to their potential, you contribute to your team’s overall success, as well as your own! Course pre-work includes an EI self-assessment, and participants receive the book, “Emotional Intelligence Quick Book”.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the benefits of powerful coaching
  • Identify the 7 Feedback Myths and learn the truth
  • Identify and manage the mindset required for coaching others
  • Identify and utilize the four competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Build trust and rapport in relationships so that your coaching sticks
  • Give balanced feedback which is both courageous and considerate
  • Manage defensive reactions in others
  • Differentiate between objective and subjective language
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication skills in a coaching discussion
  • Distinguish the difference between expectations and agreements
  • Develop Appreciation Messages to give to peers for trust and morale
  • Utilize the 4D Coaching Model in coaching discussions
  • Increase communication between teams, management, and direct reports
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