A one-day interactive program for managers who need to build their team’s productivity and morale through engaging them in consistent and effective communication.

The skills can also be applied with upper management and inter-departmentally.

Course Overview: Managers need open lines of communication with their team, especially crucial in times of organizational change and virtual teams. In this dynamic program, managers learn through exercises and group discussions how to consistently dialogue with their team to build trust, confidence, and employee engagement – which equal business results! This program is a good fit for Change Management initiatives.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate appropriate non-verbal behavior, congruent with key messages
  • Increase consistent messaging across the team by using a message template
  • Understand the affect of change on employees and how they adapt
  • Deliver key messages in a concise and persuasive way to gain buy-in
  • Develop and deliver a 30-second ‘value statement’ about your role
  • Proactively solicit feedback to gain trust and increase performance
  • Involve and engage employees in decision making through use of questions
  • Demonstrate listening skills for understanding, acknowledgement and to diffuse
    emotions in others
  • Empower employees to solve their own problems through listening and
    questioning skills
  • Reframe potential negative concerns or news to a more positive outlook
  • Identify strategies for engaging remote/virtual employees during calls, meetings,
    and presentations
  • Determine best practices from the group in engaging remote employees on a
    day-to-day basis
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