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Why spend valuable time in the classroom learning how to prepare a presentation? Peck Training has come up with a solution to leverage technology and also scale their reach virtually so anyone can learn to design a presentation in 2 hours from their computer!

Their 2 hour VIP eLearning module provides a comprehensive look at planning a targeted presentation for the right audience while using simplified and interesting visuals. It is interactive with the user, and has a bookmarking feature so you may come back to the module to finish another time. Within the eLearning module, you will be able to complete, save and print our Presentation Planner tool, which will serve as the outline for your next business presentation. To maximize classroom time in learning presentation delivery, not design, this module is also used as pre-work in our VIP/Very Impressive Presentation 1 or 2 day training program.

The e-Learning module can be purchased and implemented in three ways:

  • General consumers who are not interested in or not able to participate in corporate professional training can purchase via PayPal and download ($99.00 per download) the module directly.
  • Companies of any size can purchase annual licenses and download the module directly to their organization’s LMS for employees to access as needed.
  • Corporations and universities participating in Peck Training Group’s one-day VIP Workshop can download the module in advance of the workshop date to complete as pre-work which allows the learner to focus solely on perfecting their delivery skills in the classroom.

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Need on-the-go reminders right before a presentation to nail it? Our VIP mobile learning video on presentation skills is the perfect solution for a quick reminder on-the-go, from your smart phone while traveling to a meeting or from your computer while preparing to present!

In this 3 minute cartoon video story, Christine has received some bad feedback from her recent customer presentation and was quite upset about it. She went to her boss, John, for support and ideas, since she knows him to be an excellent speaker. John explains the VIP Workshop he attended where he learned how to give compelling presentations. He describes in detail the USTAR model: Unique, Structured, Trustworthy, Audience Centered, and Results Oriented. Christine applies the learning immediately for her next presentation in front of a new customer, and she was a big hit and received audience applause at the end!

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